I post probably the most graphic thing I’ve ever written and this is how many views it has received over the weekend:


I don’t know if searches are blocked for 18+ yo material, but I’d expect 10-12 views. But 0??? I just don’t understand it.

Of course, this blog has been off the radar since 2011. It will take time for the search engines to re-index it. But WordPress (where this site is hosted) has its own search tools.

I guess porn is avoided.

I know better than to post porn photos or the like. Visual images are instant bans. I used to write on a “swingers” subject blog, and I was temporarily banned until I could show that my writing was 100% legit. I was not graphic there.

Perhaps I am too graphic here.

I shouldn’t care, but I evidently need validation. I’ve always needed validation, to know that my work is acknowledged and appreciated. Even beyond the blog.

I do stuff for my fellow man all the time. I’ve fixed computers, loaned cars, given away vehicles, lent money, bailed people out of jail, helped move, towed cars— you name it. I never accepted payment for any of it.

I just needed a thank you. And perhaps to help enhance friendships.

I’d get a thank you for the most part, but it never helped friendships. It just made me out to be a tool. I used to write a lot about this, but basically I am a hammer. When something needs to be fixed, I am taken out of the bin, used, and then replaced.

I’m never called on just to go hang out. Texts are even a struggle.



MMTOTD: Jellybeans are the new Ecstasy.



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