Memorial Day Thoughts

I want to punch anyone who says “Happy Memorial Day!”

Well, maybe not punch. More like slap silly. The phrase is akin to saying “Have a great funeral!” or “Joyous wake!”

Folks, Memorial Day isn’t a Hallmark holiday. In fact, I’d be damned if you could find a silly Memorial Day card. I mean, what would it have? A picture of Arlington National Cemetery with a caption “Wish you were here”?

It just goes to show that people, in general, don’t give a shit about meaning. Holidays are supposed to be wonderfully happy occasions, right?

Oh, it isn’t Veteran’s Day, either. Stop thanking me for my service on a day when we should reflect on the dead. In fact, you don’t have to thank me for anything. I didn’t fight. I was never in a position to be shot at. I was an engineer, deep in the bowels of the most protected warship in the Navy.

I was just a monkey in a jumper.

Just reflect. I’m not against the barbeques, beer, bikinis and beach bonanzas common with the holiday. Go for it. Party. I would.

Which brings me to the militant “This isn’t a bbq day, it’s a [insert some GOP garbage] day!” bullshit that fills my Facebook feed. Shut up.

I just ask you take a moment or two and reflect: We as a nation sent men to their death, sent men to kill other men. Reflect on their sacrifice. Then reflect on why they were sent. And if you say “Freedom”, be damn sure you know what freedoms, whose freedoms, and truly if that was the case.

Then have a Bud for me (or Lone Star, my preference for cheap beer). And chase them bikinis.


MMTOTD: Obama wears pink bunny slippers.

Bonus: Have a bit of absolute shit schlock:

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