Good bye, Mississippi Queen

Had to let a gal go.

No, it wasn’t THIS girl. Just another (married *idiot me* woman) who lives in Mississippi. One of those women who always said she was separating but never does. She dotes on her husband on Facebook. I was the side guy, the guy whom she could call up at a moment’s notice.

And those moments have been few and far in between.

My old lady warned me, but let me make my own mistake. I am not so broken up about this as I am pissed off. I don’t like being made the fool.

And I was foolish.

I let myself believe the lies when I knew they were. At least, I made my outward self believe them. My cynical side said otherwise.

So, no too much to report about all this. It sucks, but not the deep suck letting Her go.

But it does cut down my girlfriend count to…zero.

MMTOTD: The Zombie Apocalypse will not be televised.


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