Bahrain on the mind

I’m thinking about Bahrain-

Ok, if I haven’t really told you all, I have temporarily left the States for work. I live in Saudi Arabia now.




It sucks. I have a lot of feelings toward my job, my company, and Arabia in general. Very few of them are positive. Very few.

Right now I won’t bitch too much about it. I came over for the money. I am a whore, but I am ok with that. At least for right now…

It IS boring, though. And lonely. I don’t play well with others, especially with this set of co-workers. I didn’t like them in Texas, so why should I like them here?

No beer, no booze, no bikinis, no nothing of any entertainment. Want to go see a new release movie? Too bad. Verboten! Porn? Right out (although a simple VPN account fixes that).

If you’re not into praying 5 times a day, you end up playing on the computer. A lot.

And I need a break from that.

I head back to Texas in July, but I am showing signs of stress now. I don’t think I can make 26 more days here. So, I am thinking of heading over to Bahrain for a weekend stay at a nice hotel.

Time to get my pamper on.

Bahrain is a few hours away. It won’t cost me a lot to get there, as my company foots most of the bill for “local” travel. A bridge crossing and then I’d be in the Atlantic City of the Middle East (Dubai being the Vegas).

Hotel bars, nice restaurants, and women that aren’t cloaked up like matronly ninjas. Sounds good to me.

Pricey, though, but what do you expect? Market is cornered.

Bahrain has a few 5 star places and a whole lot of poor and political strife. Remember how I said Atlantic City?  The rest is a New Jersey slum.

But that is par for much of the Middle East. Major divide between the haves and have-nots.

I found an old write up I did about Bahrain-

Bahrain – Kingdom of Bahrain – I have read that Bahrain is relatively liberal. Relatively. Like, oh, Mussolini was relatively friendlier than Hitler. Bahrain is an Arab island in the Persian Gulf. They would just be a few Bedouins fighting over an oasis or two except they sit on some oil. So, here they are. Liberal, my ass. Paris is liberal. Bahrain is a repressive little Arab enclave. I should be impressed they have skyscrapers and allow women to wear Western dress? Freedom impresses me, freedom.

Eh, a bit unenlightened. I was a little angrier then, but not by much.

We shall see. I am waiting on an email from the hotel I plan to stay at. I asked a few questions about available services. They are a relatively new place, and seems to reflect that there are some things not yet ready.

I just want a nice bath and maybe a massage. My apartment (a whole other post to talk about the failings here) only has a bizarrely sized standup shower. I like to soak, so a nice large tub (I am still a fat-ass) is needed. I’d love a Jacuzzi, but just a tub big enough for my frame would be awesome.

A massage would also be awesome, but it isn’t a deal-breaker. I have found that most masseuses I go to really aren’t that good, regardless of the style of massage it is. Big or little, short or tall, male or female: most have been disappointments.

At home I have found a gal that does Ashiatsu. THAT shit is awesome. I will get one from her when I end up in the States for the month of July…or Ramadan is you prefer (well, most of Ramadan – 7 Ramadan through 4 Shawwal). Ashiatsu massage is the type wear the gal uses her feet. It is the perfect amount of leverage to work out my overly tight muscles.

I look forward to her and her skills.

And, no, I’ve never done a “happy ending” anywhere. I think that is rather silly and juvenile. Besides, I am relaxed after a good massage. Why should I get my heart rate up to get my ejaculate on?

Just dumb.

Besides, my body doesn’t work that way. I’ve been to a brothel: it was unpleasant for me. I need an attraction, a link, to a potential sexual mate.

I’ve got to talk to you first…and like you.

Bahrain has their share of escorts and prostitutes. I don’t think I’d go there, but am not beyond a one-night stand if the situation is just right.

And it never has been and never will be. Just my guess on the future part.

I’ll post more later about Bahrain if I go.

We’ll see-


MMTOTD: Sand in your vagina makes silicone silicon.

Spuds McKenzie, watch out!

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